Now’s your chance to dress like a copy of ‘Gamest’


UK-based GAMETEE, producers of many luxury game-inspired clothing items, have released a t-shirt design that gives you the ability to look like a 90s Japanese gaming magazine any time you want.


The ‘TOKYO RETRO – Sublimation’ tee features a nostalgic full-print collage pattern that does a great job of capturing the retro arcade spirit of classic Japanese gaming magazines such as Gamest. The print includes black and white images of Super Famicom controllers, the Japan-exclusive Game Boy Light, various magazine clippings and logos and even a 16-bit Goku! It’s the full package, ladies and gentlemen.

If you’re fond of this tee’s retro stylings, you can get yourself one here!

Source: miki800


About Oliver Jameson

A UK-based appreciator of video game culture with journalistic ambitions. Creator and editor-in-chief of Minus World. For more musings, gaming and otherwise, follow me on Twitter.
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