Indulge in some retro gaming chat with SourceCast #7


I was recently invited by our friends over at SourceGaming to appear on the latest episode of their podcast, the SourceCast! The main topic of discussion was retro gaming, including our personal retro gaming memories, favourite revivals of beloved retro series, as well as some chat about which retro gaming characters we’d like to see in a future Super Smash Bros. title!

SourceGaming provide essential translation and preservation work for the gaming community, collecting and publicising research and information to benefit fans and clear up some of the factual discrepancies that have plagued the community for years. Some of their notable projects include regular translations of Masahiro Sakurai’s Famitsu columns, researched features and opinion pieces as well as exclusive developer interviews. All of these are worth a look, so consider checking them out – if you like what they do, make sure you don’t forget to drop by their Twitter and Patreon too!

You can listen to the podcast over on SourceGaming, where you can also find links to download the episode, along with all previous episodes, on iTunes and Android.

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