Unique fashion and a cultural treasure trove, hidden on the third floor of an unassuming Nakano building

The latest instalment of Toco Toco features KAE, a Tokyo-based accessory designer and founder of fashion brand High-Me, showcasing her retro-inspired acrylic work. At a glance, it may seem bizarre to see something like this crop up on a games culture-focused site. However, I thought it was more than worthy of sharing, both as a continuing fan of Toco Toco’s content, as well as thanks to the close look it offers at Nazo no mise, the flagship store of design label THUNDERBOX which, despite being quietly tucked away on the third floor of a Nakano building, doubles as a treasure trove of 80s and 90s nostalgia.


Amidst a wide selection of clothing items, which have previously included bespoke, one-off pieces, the walls and shelves of Nazo no mise are adorned with an impressive collection of authentic vintage items from all areas of 80s and 90s pop culture, both Japanese and with some western touches here and there. You might think this sounds cliche, but a well-selected assortment of goods combined with a unique fashion style work together to create a brilliant-looking aesthetic that you should check out for yourself – in the video linked above, or over on the shop’s Instagram page.


You can have a browse of Toco Toco’s library of fascinating Japanese culture videos on their official YouTube channel and get regular updates about new videos on Twitter. Nazo no mise can also be found on Twitter, as well as on the THUNDERBOX website which features an online store – see if any of their threads take your fancy.

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