Solar Power, Quirky Cabs and The Great Outdoors – Culture Collection #20


Spring has well and truly sprung and it’s the time of year where many partake in ‘hanami‘, the viewing of spring cherry blossoms during the brief window in which they adorn fruit trees across Japan. Miki7722‘s blossom-viewing trip was apparently lacking in many of said blossoms, but she did have the privilege of run into a Slime of Dragon Quest fame.


Here’s another Japanese speciality, this time an edible one – Kananmds got their hands on this rather delicious-looking Magikarp taiyaki, a Pokémon-inspired take on a type of fish-shaped pastry traditionally filled with bean paste.


Another week, another snap of those charming Diskun biscuits, this time courtesy of syrup_frog and served alongside an equally appetising pon de ring-style doughnut. The Yume Kōjō (a media event run in the late 80s by network Fuji TV that would serve as the basis for Nintendo’s Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, and later Super Mario Bros. 2 – this video by Gaijillionaire provides some excellent background and is worth watching) drinking glass is a nice touch.


I’ve grown wary of the high volume of Diskun-related items featured in each instalment of Culture Collection, but I did promise to report back on RGB Club‘s enamel pin inspired by the Famicom Disk System mascot. The above is a photo from my personal Instagram account having got hold of one of the pins for myself and I’m pleased to say that they’ve come out well. A nice, subtle way to express your appreciation of one of the most interesting systems Nintendo released. Keep an eye on RGB Club’s Twitter page to find out when their full store launches and you can get your hands on one for yourself.


Chiptune aficionado Joeteach showed off a unique accessory on one of his stylish modded Game Boy systems this week – one that allows it to run using the power of the sun.


Robopan also took their Game Boy outdoors, sans solar power, for some early morning handheld time.


This eye-catching Super Famicom cartridge comes from artist Emil Ohlund’s ‘Possessed by Possession’ exhibition, which is on show at Osaka’s excube until the end of the month.

These snaps come from _fujiroy_ and iwaihide and show off some work-in-progress dioramas being constructed for 16bitModels FC, a retro game-inspired model exhibition opening in Akihabara this month.


Here we’ve got a picture from OMI_KERO that looks like it was taken in Nazo no Mise, the flagship store of fashion brand THUNDERBOX that we wrote about a little bit last year. The sweater shown off on the right, which you can read about over on Attract Mode, is inspired by one worn by Takahashi Meijin in the mockumentary GAME KING.


Yamasakiippei shared this peculiar little keshi eraser toy, a miniature Famicom cartridge adorned with an image of the console itself. The tiny box it comes in is especially neat!


A similarly small Famicom cart from polaris_siralop, this time made not for erasing, but for stamping a cute Ghosts n’ Goblins design.


Some 8-bit Shugei from nyata_ko now. This cross-stitched Kirby pattern is perfectly timed for his 20th anniversary.


A killer CRT setup from sixteenbit, ideal for a game of Soldier Blade.


Finally, an artistic take on Taito’s quirky Egret arcade cabinets with these ink sketches from Akraten.

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