DMGs, Christmas Presents and Terrifying Famicom Men – Culture Collection #7


Just like that, christmas has come and gone, but even during the holidays the world of gaming culture never sleeps! As a matter of fact, christmas is the ideal time to share the joys of consoles new and old with family and friends. Brycecorp, who appears to be brandishing a Sega Saturn on his back à la Segata Sanshiro, clearly has the right idea, spending his christmas not only with his family, but with the Sega Saturn Christmas Nights campaign box. When you think about it, the Saturn is the ideal retro console for the christmas period, especially considering this particular version came bundled with the unique christmas variation of NiGHTS into Dreams!


This gives me the perfect chance to plug the fact that I actually received a Sega Saturn for christmas myself! It came with a nice selection of games, most notably Virtua Fighter 2Daytona USA and a variety of other Sega sports classics. As you can see from my ‘haul’ shot above, I also bagged myself a copy of Hardcore Gaming 101‘s interview-filled gaming bible, The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers, and a copy of LBX for 3DS that’s keeping me thoroughly occupied. I’ll take this opportunity to thank my family, who have excellent taste in buying gifts! As you’d expect, you can look forward to coverage of some Saturn delights on Minus World in the future.


Another example of someone who received gifts of excellent taste is sumiregawa_, who was surprised by his wife with a lovely selection of shoot ’em up games. Along with the Xbox 360 releases of some CAVE arcade classics, Espgaluda II and DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou, there’s even a copy of 2015 release Ghost Blade, developed by Dreamcast homebrew developers Hucast Games, who have continued to support the system 17 years after its release. Truly a dream come true for any shoot ’em up fans to find this particular trio in their stocking!


However, christmas can be as much of a time to enjoy your newest additions to the collection as it is a time to look back and appreciate old favourites. Mungamingzone has the right idea, spending his Boxing Day enjoying the underrated GBA platforming gem Densetsu no Stafy, developed by Tose Inc who most recently contributed to development for Splatoon. The GBA is home to a whole host of hidden gems that have slipped through the cracks. Almost 15 years on, there’s still something appreciable about the system, especially the SP model pictured, which is a real piece of eye candy (although not to the same extent as the Game Boy Micro!).


Christmas is as good a time as any to catch up on some Famicom action, just like haya_a_tecs has taken the time to do! It’s even better if you’ve managed to get your hands on Cyber Gadget’s RetroFreak this holiday, which plays almost everything you could possibly imagine, from the Game Boy to the PC Engine. Cyber Gadget will soon be releasing an expansion that allows the machine to even play Sega Mark III, SG-1000 and Game Gear titles, making it a pretty comprehensive all-in-one system for those that need an instant retro gaming fix.


Perhaps rather than playing Famicom games, you’re in the mood to play with some slightly disturbing but interesting vintage Japanese toys known as ‘Kasseto Sentai’ (roughly translating as ‘Cassette Squad’), bizarre transforming figures shaped like Famicom carts that were intended to transform in a mech-like manner into characters from the featured game. Miki800 has photographed this particular model, but you can read more about this strange line of toys over at Inside The Briefcase.


The topic of transformation gives me the delightful opportunity to spotlight some more of robopanda777‘s fantastic custom Game Boy units, which truly have undergone a transformation from their original form. I’ve always been a sucker for pure white colour schemes on systems, but this particular pair of DMGs are truly breathtaking in design, like whole new consoles. They’re even sporting a number of modifications including the ProSound mod, making them ideal for composing and recording chiptune music. I suggest you go and check out more of his custom systems over on his Instagram page!


I couldn’t help but share a shot of this unique Game Boy item posted on Instagram by tutoji. I struggled to find much information about this particular item, which appears to be some kind of light modelled around a classic DMG and those ‘light magnifier’ peripherals that helped you play your handheld games back in an era where sunlight was as crucial as power-ups, but I’m a big fan of the style it’s got going on, even for a simple piece of kit! That transparent Game Boy unit with its PCB-esque printed design looks pretty damn cool. If anyone’s got any more info on what this might be, please get in touch!


I wanted to give a little shoutout to the fact that Mother 3 released on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console not too long ago, meaning that the entire Mother trilogy is now available on the system! I can only continue hoping that we’ll eventually receive a western release for this much loved final entry to the series, but for the time being, let’s admire these cute sprite recreations created by miki7722!

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