EarthBound-Inspired Covers Return for Hobonichi’s 2018 Accessory Collection

Following on from last year’s stunning collection of accessories, EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi’s Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun (Hobonichi) have introduced the first of their new range of covers for the Hobonichi Techo planner inspired by the cult classic Nintendo RPG.


In the run-up to the release of their 2018 ‘Life Book’, Hobonichi are introducing new planner covers and accessories daily on their official website. The ‘This is Magicant‘ design (pictured above) is the first of what appears to be a trio of EartBound-themed covers set to release alongside the planner later this year.

The design features Magicant, the surrealist dreamscape featured in the latter part of EarthBound‘s story. A mixture of distinct character sprites can be found on the outer cover, whereas small embellishments and details, such as the game’s Japanese logo, can be found within. Mr. Saturn stickers (pictured below) are also set to return following their inclusion in last year’s line-up as a bonus for ordering any EarthBound-themed items from the Hobonichi online store.


The full 2018 line-up of Hobonichi covers is set to be revealed on the 18th of August, with the planner going on sale on the 1st of September. Stay tuned for more details here on any other EarthBound-inspired items featured in the complete accessory selection, and keep an eye on the 2018 Techo website for more daily information about the planner’s release, as well as writing about its design and philosophy.

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