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An Hour of Dojin Game Trailers from Comiket 92

Edelweiss have graced us with their latest compilation video of indie and dojin game trailers fresh from the 92nd instalment of Comic Market, the world’s biggest self-published works convention held in Tokyo twice a year. If you’ve got just over an … Continue reading

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An hour of dojin games from Comiket 90

Edelweiss are back with their latest dojin and indie game trailer compilation video straight from Comic Market, the world’s largest self-published works fair held in Tokyo twice a year, which reaches its 90th instalment this summer. Featuring more than an hour’s … Continue reading

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REVIEW – Petit Novel Series – Harvest December (3DS)

Petit Novel Series – Harvest December Developer: Talestune Publisher: CIRCLE Entertainment Platform(s): 3DS Release Date: December 10th 2015 Links: Nintendo UK Site Reviewed by Oliver Jameson (@MinusWorld) When you consider the critical acclaim of the likes of the Zero Escape and Ace Attorney series on Nintendo’s handheld … Continue reading

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Listen to chiptune the way it was intended with RIKI’s “8BIT MUSIC POWER”!

Many fans of chiptune music will tell you that the best and most authentic sounding beats around are those produced by the machines that inspired the genre themselves! Be it the NES or the Game Boy, both of which sport a wide … Continue reading

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You’ve Probably Never Played… Kinnikuman Muscle Fight

Kinnikuman Muscle Fight Developer: ‘MATAYAN’ Platform(s): PC (Freeware) Release Date: Unknown Find out more info and download for yourself here. If you grew up in the 80s you likely remember M.U.S.C.L.E. (Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere), the peculiar set … Continue reading

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Got an hour to spare? Check out some Japanese indie games fresh from Comiket 88

Comiket (Comic Market) is the world’s largest self-published works fair, hosted every year in Tokyo. It’s notable for its crazy lines and rare goods that are often re-sold for over 10 times their original selling price, and as you’d imagine, it’s … Continue reading

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