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The Irresistible Uphill Battle of Nintendo Pocket Football Club

In a way not unlike the failure of Mario Bros. to capture the nuances of the plumbing industry with any sum of accuracy, Nintendo Pocket Football Club is a football management simulation that pushes aside the preconceptions you may have garnered about what’s … Continue reading

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Nintendo’s Never-Ending Barbecue – ‘Grill-Off with Ultra Hand!’ and What It Can Teach Us

As many of you may know, this month marked 10 years since the launch of Nintendo’s revolutionary Wii console. Regardless of how old it made many of us feel, it was great to see the discussion sparked from this anniversary … Continue reading

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REVIEW – Petit Novel Series – Harvest December (3DS)

Petit Novel Series – Harvest December Developer: Talestune Publisher: CIRCLE Entertainment Platform(s): 3DS Release Date: December 10th 2015 Links: Nintendo UK Site Reviewed by Oliver Jameson (@MinusWorld) When you consider the critical acclaim of the likes of the Zero Escape and Ace Attorney series on Nintendo’s handheld … Continue reading

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REVIEW – SteamWorld Heist (3DS)

SteamWorld Heist Developer: Image & Form Publisher: Image & Form Platform(s): 3DS Release Date: December 10th 2015 Links: Official Website Reviewed by Oliver Jameson (@MinusWorld) Gothenburg-based Image & Form’s SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt was a game that caught a lot of people by … Continue reading

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Nintendo’s Niche Game Problem

Nintendo have never been known for following trends. Their attitude to mobile gaming is a perfect example; whilst many other companies quickly set about bringing their biggest IP into people’s pockets, Nintendo have stood by their ideals and held out … Continue reading

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Check out some of the must-play indie games from GBJAM 4

Game Jolt Jams‘ fourth Game Boy-inspired game jam, GBJAM 4, is coming to a close, and over 180 entries have been submitted, ready to play for free on your computer or in your browser. There are many great titles amongst … Continue reading

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REVIEW – Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (3DS)

For the first time since his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/for Nintendo 3DS, Mario is putting his white coat and stethoscope back on and renewing his dubious medical license to provide us with some more medical puzzling … Continue reading

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