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CyberGadget’s new console plays almost everything, and you can pre-order it right now

This is the RetroFreak, a brand new multi-system console from Japanese peripheral creators Cyber Gadget, (who you may be aware of for bringing us this entirely necessary accessory for the 3DS). Earlier this year, all eyes were on Hyperkin’s Retron5 … Continue reading

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A Famicom for the 21st Century?

Artist Arne Niklas Jansson has recently posted a really cool and creative new concept for a variation on the Famicom system, the ‘Famicube’, on his website Android Arts. This interesting notion takes into consideration both a brand new identity for the Famicom, as well … Continue reading

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The Famicom Disk Writer kiosk has scarily catchy music

Around the launch of the Famicom Disk System, Nintendo introduced Japan to the Famicom Disk Writer; a clever method for allowing Famicom Disk System owners to change up their game library for a reduced price (generally around 500 yen as opposed … Continue reading

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