Robotic Akira from Virtua Fighter perhaps the most terrifying thing to walk the earth

When people talk about the supposedly impending ‘rise of the machines’, in which the technology we have created turns against us and rules over us with an iron, circuit-filled fist, it’s unlikely the thought that said machines will be practicing martial artists has crossed many a paranoid mind. It’s even less likely that machines donning Sega Saturn consoles on their backs would be expected to lead the charge, but if robot building fanatic Holypong‘s custom-made Akira Yuki fighting robot is anything to go by, this could very much be the case.


Based on the recently released polygonal Virtua Fighter Figmas and crafted using scaled-up, 3D printed parts, Holypong’s creation can not only take up a game-accurate fighting stance, but deliver multiple different styles of punches and movements. Whilst this particular robot is arguably ten years too early to consider any plans for world domination, it’s amazing that something of its complexity can be constructed by a single person.

For those with a liking for all things mechanical, more bizarre robot creations can be observed over at Holypong’s YouTube channel, where his robot army seems to be gradually increasing in numbers by the day…

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