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Risk & Reward – Revisiting How CiNG Brought Kyle Hyde’s World to Life

A little over seven years have passed since CiNG, the Fukuoka-based developers behind critically acclaimed titles such as Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and the Another Code (Trace Memory) series, filed for bankruptcy. Fans of CiNG’s atmospheric mystery titles in particular – games … Continue reading

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Pokémon – It Means More Than Pocket Monsters

Pokémon recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, so perhaps this is an ideal time to go over what the series might represent. Even with some of the darker content alluded to in the games, it’s an overall upbeat experience. Wholesome, you … Continue reading

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You’ve probably never played… ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat

ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat Developer(s): Mistwalker, Racjin Publisher: Nintendo Platform(s): DS Release Date: October 4th 2007 (Japan exclusive) Despite the relatively unchanging formulas that run throughout the genre, turn-based, grid-based strategy games have consistently managed to retain their popularity across every generation. With newcomers … Continue reading

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New Super Mario Bros. – 10 Years On

I have to start this retrospective on a personal note – New Super Mario Bros. came out ten years ago. Bloody hell, I feel old all of a sudden! To put into perspective how much of a whippersnapper I am, … Continue reading

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A Look at Super Potato’s New Year’s Lucky Bags – Culture Collection #8

It’s the first Culture Collection instalment of 2016 and what better way to kickstart a year’s worth of gaming culture coverage than with a look at some New Year’s festivities, Super Potato style! Japanese chain retro game store Super Potato … Continue reading

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Nintendo’s Niche Game Problem

Nintendo have never been known for following trends. Their attitude to mobile gaming is a perfect example; whilst many other companies quickly set about bringing their biggest IP into people’s pockets, Nintendo have stood by their ideals and held out … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to Club Nintendo

It was June 2006 when I registered my first ever item, a silver Nintendo DS bundled with Mario Kart DS, on a loyalty program that was then known as ‘Nintendo VIP 24:7’. It may seem surprising to some, but back … Continue reading

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In celebration of the FA Cup final, here are some crazy football games you should try

It’s undoubtable that football (or soccer, if you like) is one of the biggest sports in the world, and in spite of various recent revelations involving a bunch of old geezers accepting ‘favours’ (in my head this would be crazy … Continue reading

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