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Looking Back at the Best Bits of the Wii U You May Have Already Forgotten

At the time of writing, Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch, has already begun to release worldwide. As a hybrid between a home and handheld system, it represents a bold new direction for Nintendo, particularly from a software creation standpoint. … Continue reading

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Pokémon – It means more than Pocket Monsters

Pokémon recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, so perhaps this is an ideal time to go over what the series might represent. Even with some of the darker content alluded to in the games, it’s an overall upbeat experience. Wholesome, you … Continue reading

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New Super Mario Bros. – 10 Years On

I have to start this retrospective on a personal note – New Super Mario Bros. came out ten years ago. Bloody hell, I feel old all of a sudden! To put into perspective how much of a whippersnapper I am, … Continue reading

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Street Fighter IV – The End of an Era

“The weak lose and the strong win! Which of these fighters will prove the old axiom today?” This question was posed in one of the many passionate lines spouted by the announcer in the original 2008 release of Street Fighter IV. … Continue reading

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25 Years of Speed – A retrospective on F-Zero

When the Super Famicom released in Japan back in 1990, I hadn’t even been born. Perhaps that’s too personal a way to start a feature looking back at the 25 year legacy of a groundbreaking racing game that helped send … Continue reading

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The HAL Laboratory games you’ve probably never played.

It is without argue that developer HAL Laboratory are responsible for some of the most beloved franchises in video game history; from the brilliant platforming adventures of Kirby to the cult RPG classic Mother series, not to mention a certain all-star fighter featuring … Continue reading

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Wave Race: A retrospective on Nintendo’s often forgotten racer

Anyone who follows the business side of Nintendo’s operations will no doubt be familiar with the concept of the ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy adopted during the Wii’s lifetime; ‘Blue Ocean’ centring around utilising an untapped market when marketing a product, as … Continue reading

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