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Real Doctors, Console Chow & Arcade Dreamscapes – Culture Collection #23

It’s been a good long while since the last instalment of Culture Collection, our regular round-up of the best gaming-themed cultural offerings from around the web. You can read a little bit about Minus World’s recent radio silence here, but … Continue reading

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Real-Life Geography and Culture Bring Liveability to the World of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

The end of last month marked ten years since the European release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The first main entries in Game Freak‘s best-selling franchise to grace the Nintendo DS, Diamond and Pearl have maintained a lasting legacy over the past decade, introducing 107 … Continue reading

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Pokémon – It Means More Than Pocket Monsters

Pokémon recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, so perhaps this is an ideal time to go over what the series might represent. Even with some of the darker content alluded to in the games, it’s an overall upbeat experience. Wholesome, you … Continue reading

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Gorgeous minimalist prints celebrate 20 years of iconic Pokémon design

Designer Dan Clarke has produced some stunning work for Arkotype, a passion project of his creation that stylishly combines gaming and graphic design, which we have featured on numerous occasions. His latest project is a minimalist design for a print featuring all … Continue reading

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REVIEW – Pokémon Picross (3DS)

Pokémon Picross Developer: Jupiter Corporation Publisher: Nintendo Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS (Download) Release Date: December 3rd 2015 Nintendo’s Picross games are one of those titles that don’t have a strong history of success outside of Japan. The first game in the series to release in … Continue reading

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