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When Yakuza met Sylvanian Families – Culture Collection #12

What happens when you cross the gentle country lifestyle championed by Sylvanian Families, the internationally popular line of anthropomorphic animal mini-figures, with the hard-boiled, gripping criminal underworld that plays host to SEGA’s Yakuza series of crime games? Twitter user @momomousoumomo calls it ‘Yakuzania’ … Continue reading

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The work and leisure of Guilty Gear’s Ishiwatari Daisuke

Arc System Works veteran and producer of the Guilty Gear series Ishiwatari Daisuke takes centre stage in the second of Toco Toco‘s special game creator-focused series, a window into both the careers and personal lives of some of Japan’s most talented gaming … Continue reading

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Fashion, food and fighting – Splatoon gets real in HITEYE’s Shibuya guide fanzine

A new project from RAW-Fi is putting a stylish, Splatoon-inspired spin on your ordinary city guidebook. Embracing Nintendo’s squid/kid phenomenon head on, HITEYE‘s latest edition compiles the hottest locales in Shibuya – the area of Tokyo which inspired Splatoon‘s ‘Booyah Base’ hubworld … Continue reading

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Robotic Akira from Virtua Fighter perhaps the most terrifying thing to walk the earth

When people talk about the supposedly impending ‘rise of the machines’, in which the technology we have created turns against us and rules over us with an iron, circuit-filled fist, it’s unlikely the thought that said machines will be practicing … Continue reading

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An hour of dojin games from Comiket 90

Edelweiss are back with their latest dojin and indie game trailer compilation video straight from Comic Market, the world’s largest self-published works fair held in Tokyo twice a year, which reaches its 90th instalment this summer. Featuring more than an hour’s … Continue reading

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Spend the day in Tokyo with SUDA51

French web-series Toco Toco, which takes a look at Japanese culture through the eyes of the country’s creative minds, is back with a series of brand-new, new-look episodes focusing specifically on game creators. Leading the line-up is Goichi Suda, known more widely … Continue reading

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The sights, sounds and tastes of the Kirby Café

By now it has become well-known on social media that next month, three Japanese cities will play host to a pop-up café themed around Nintendo’s resident eating specialist Kirby. Focused on offering a far cuter experience than in your average café, the Kirby … Continue reading

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Branching Paths – A captivating journey through Japan’s indie game scene

In the last decade or so, indie games have become a big deal. The people and teams who work to create their own unique gaming experiences, as well as the culture surrounding them, have caught the attention of gamers, media … Continue reading

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Japanese indie game scene documentary Branching Paths releasing later this month

Japan’s indie game scene has a tendency to receive a lot less attention than its western counterpart, despite a keen community of hobbyist and professional developers alike spread across the country. Events such as BitSummit have begun to gain traction as … Continue reading

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Get fighting fit with Street Fighter V Strength Training Gear

It goes without saying that characters of the Street Fighter V are pretty buff – on occasions, arguably too buff. To undertake such superhuman feats as conjuring balls of energy from thin air, performing hundreds of kicks per second and pulling off physics-defying haircuts clearly requires … Continue reading

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