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Now’s your chance to dress like a copy of ‘Gamest’

UK-based GAMETEE, producers of many luxury game-inspired clothing items, have released a t-shirt design that gives you the ability to look like a 90s Japanese gaming magazine any time you want.    The ‘TOKYO RETRO – Sublimation’ tee features a nostalgic full-print collage … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to Club Nintendo

It was June 2006 when I registered my first ever item, a silver Nintendo DS bundled with Mario Kart DS, on a loyalty program that was then known as ‘Nintendo VIP 24:7’. It may seem surprising to some, but back … Continue reading

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You aren’t cool unless you’re wearing Xevious jeans.

Cospa, a Japanese fashion company who primarily produce cosplay goods, have decided to fill the gaping hole in every person’s wardrobe by creating Xevious jeans. I have to be honest, I never thought I’d end up writing about Xevious and … Continue reading

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Japan’s awesome Super Mario 30th Anniversary items are worth envying

   Nintendo have created a brand new line of goods to celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary this year, and they’re far too cool to be confined to a crane machine! They’ll be available in Taito crane machines in arcades across Japan … Continue reading

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Now you can pretend you’re Luigi by dealing up with these Mario playing cards

  When you think of Mario’s bright and cheery adventures, gambling is unlikely to come into your mind. Well, perhaps you’ve visited Princess Peach’s Rec room in Super Mario 64 DS and placed a few sneaky bets on a game … Continue reading

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Classic SEGA soundtracks are coming to vinyl and damn, they look good

Brand-new record label Data Discs will soon be releasing vinyl soundtracks for two SEGA classics, Streets of Rage and Shenmue. The two titles are hailed has having some of the most influential, or at least memorable of SEGA’s soundtrack collection, with Yuzo Koshiro‘s … Continue reading

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Another piece of Splatoon merchandise that can’t transform you into a squid, but will make you look cool.

    The Splatoon-centric Nintendo Direct that aired earlier this month made a big deal out of the duds featured in Splatoon, and in the British direct the voiceover man even went as far as to call it a “utopian fashion … Continue reading

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Do you ever feel like your bookshelf is missing that Game & Watch touch?

Japanese company Columbus Circle have released an awesome (and unexpected) piece of merchandise that possibly exceeds their Famicom towel in terms of being an item I didn’t know I wanted, but do now; the ‘Retro & Multi-Stand’ bookends! Two variants are … Continue reading

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