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The sights, sounds and tastes of the Kirby Café

By now it has become well-known on social media that next month, three Japanese cities will play host to a pop-up café themed around Nintendo’s resident eating specialist Kirby. Focused on offering a far cuter experience than in your average café, the Kirby … Continue reading

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Gorgeous minimalist prints celebrate 20 years of iconic Pokémon design

Designer Dan Clarke has produced some stunning work for Arkotype, a passion project of his creation that stylishly combines gaming and graphic design, which we have featured on numerous occasions. His latest project is a minimalist design for a print featuring all … Continue reading

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Get fighting fit with Street Fighter V Strength Training Gear

It goes without saying that characters of the Street Fighter V are pretty buff – on occasions, arguably too buff. To undertake such superhuman feats as conjuring balls of energy from thin air, performing hundreds of kicks per second and pulling off physics-defying haircuts clearly requires … Continue reading

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Splatoon x Tower Records – Apparel, Glassware and More

Music and fashion are a big part of what makes up the particularly fresh stylings of Nintendo’s Splatoon, so a collaboration with Tower Records (the former US music retail powerhouse who are still going strong in Japan) seems rather fitting. Teased … Continue reading

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Bring some freshness into your amiibo collection with Splatoon dioramas

Joining Nintendo’s lineup of amiibo diorama kits are these two Splatoon-themed setups ideal for showcasing your Inkling boys and girls, as well as the upcoming Callie and Marie amiibo, in the freshest possible manner. Inspired by both the Inkopolis plaza stage where the Squid Sisters … Continue reading

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A snack you can grind with – Dragon Quest Slime cookies

Square Enix’s heavy offensive on the Dragon Quest 30th anniversary merchandising front continues with these cute tins of Slime-shaped sablés (which, for those who don’t consider themselves baking connoisseurs/don’t eat enough biscuits, are a type of French shortbread cookies, and are positively … Continue reading

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Space Harrier model kits let you enter the Fantasy Zone, store your stationary

It’s a known fact that the only way to truly keep your desk tidy is by storing your pens and pencils inside the hollowed out head of an Ida, the imposing stone head enemies from Sega’s surreal sci-fi rail shooter … Continue reading

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Check out some ‘The Great Ace Attorney’-themed booze you never knew you wanted to drink

I think there are a fair few people who wouldn’t find it hard to argue that video games and alcohol go hand-in-hand. Necking a few cold ones over a game of Mario Kart might sound like the ideal form of relaxation … Continue reading

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Add some Zelda stylings to your wardrobe with EDITMODE’s ‘Battle Against Ganon’ collection

When battling against evil in fantasy lands, a good defence is as important as a good offence, and that includes a defence from the harsh elements. However, it has to be said that despite their supposed practicality, brightly coloured tunics, … Continue reading

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The Minus World 2015 Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again; you know the one! Call it what you will, the festive season in which people require presents is upon us, so look no further than this comprehensive guide to a plethora of items that … Continue reading

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